1000 Books Before School

Encourage early literacy development in your child with the “1000 Books Before School” Program A one thousand book target before your child starts kindergarten may seem like a huge challenge, however it can easily be achieved in less than three years with a little effort. I say that there’s a brilliant learning technology already on […]

Family History Research

Delving into family history research can often be daunting and can leave you unsure of where to start. We have a range of resources available that can help you on your way. Don’t forget, library staff are always available to assist you in your research and point you in the right direction.Visit your local branch […]

Drug Info @ your library

A State Library managed website providing free information about drugs, alcohol and the law for the community of New South Wales. Drug Info

Legal Information Access Centre

A free online source of up to date legal information for residents of New South Wales. Browse the Legal Information Access Centre

Storybox Library

A collection of our favourite stories read by actors, sportspeople, authors, illustrators and more. Storybox Library Login


Ranges of Australian and International magazines are available for download onto your device with internet access. Browse eMagazines Download the Libby app 1. Download the app onto your device. 2. Tap the ‘Add A Library’ icon and choose ‘Hunter Libraries Group’. 3. Tap Add a ‘Library A Card’ and then “Choose A Location’. Select ‘Scone […]