Encourage early literacy development in your child with the "1000 Books Before School" Program

A one thousand book target before your child starts kindergarten may seem like a huge challenge, however it can easily be achieved in less than three years with a little effort.I say that there’s a brilliant learning technology already on the shelf.
It builds vocabulary, conveys knowledge, fosters creativity, improves concentration, develops skills of reasoning and pattern recognition, calms anxiety and opens discussions … all this, while nurturing love and bringing joy.
The batteries last forever. It’s cheap, and sometimes even free. And it’s widely available in libraries, shops and homes.”

Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist

Rewarding reading milestones

Register your child with the 1000 Books Before School program and start reading! Each time a book has been read, tick off the tally sheet you will be issued. Bring your tally sheet to the library and your child will receive a certificate at 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 book milestones.

When your child starts school or preschool they will not only have a handful of awards to show their teachers and classmates, they will also have a head start in learning to read and write.

About the 1000 Books Before School program

The award winning 1000 Books Before School reading program was implemented by Gunnedah Shire Library in 2014. This innovative program has since been rolled out to many other libraries with great success. Upper Hunter Shire Libraries are proud to introduce this program to the Upper Hunter Shire community.

Pop into your local library branch today and pick up your 1000 Books Before School Reading Pack.

Upper Hunter Shire Libraries

Need a new tally sheet?

Download your next tally sheet here or pick one up the next time you visit the library.

Book tally sheet

Illustration of a young family reading together